GallenTPrinceS's Medium Abyssal Armor Repairer

Medium Abyssal Armor Repairer

Corpum B-Type Medium Armor Repairer

Gravid Medium Armor Repairer Mutaplasmid

Activation Cost

146.3GJ (-33.75GJ)

Activation time / duration

12.31s (+0.31s)

Armor Hitpoints Repaired

539.7HP (+42.74HP)

CPU usage

26.35tf (+3.35tf)

Powergrid Usage

168.1MW (+24.08MW)

Armor Repair Efficiency

3.69HP/GJ (+0.93HP/GJ)

Armor Repair Speed

43.85HP/s (+2.44HP/s)

item exchange

300,000,000 ISK

Expires in in 23 days

Module information

Created by



AI Value prediction

319,349,000.00 ISK

This is an experimental feature, so take it with a grain of salt.

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Contract history

Issued by Price Status
Dr Werner Koskanaiken 300,000,000.00 ISK